• Change Management

    As a Middle East leader in Change Management and Turnaround projects, ZAD Group™ stands for a momentous specialization in the design, development, and delivery of Change Management Solutions for human capital productivity that turns around organizational performance on both national and regional levels. ZAD Group™ is positioning itself as a CHANGE driver inside the organizations. We create change leaders as well as provide practical tools and solutions to support the change process and make it happen as desired. ZAD Group™ closes the gap between training and performance. Organizations only improve when individual behaviors change. Individual behavior only changes when the employee internalizes the need to change. ZAD Group™ provides the catalyst. Interactive, experiential and up-to-date programs designed to optimize learning and enable attendees to immediately apply their new skills in the workplace.
  • Leading Bold Change LBC™
  • Leading Change®
  • Embracing Change®
  • Facilitating Change®
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