ZAD way

ZAD GroupTM … A training methodology like no other

 “Our vision is enclosed in a “Total Quality Program” which impresses all attendees and builds a long term relationship based on trust and loyalty”… Operations Team.


  1. Training Needs Assessment (TNA):
  • ZAD GroupTM is concerned with trainees satisfaction, thus we are always assuring that there are no participants’ complaints that the course they have attended last week is too generic and very similar to the one they have attended a couple of years ago
  • With ZAD GroupTM there are no more off-the-shelf generic proposals; ZAD GroupTM TNA team will identify your needs whatever the case is simple as having only one training program or is complex as having an annual training plan
  • Four main steps to conduct a training needs assessment:

Step 1: Perform a “gap” analysis
Step 2: Identify priorities and importance
Step 3: Identify causes of performance problems and/or opportunities
Step 4: Identify possible solutions and growth opportunities

  1. Programs designing and preparing role plays, tools, games, exercises, activities & videos needed for it.
  1. All our programs are supported with a full training kit that consists of:
  • Participant workbook
  • Video Segments
  • Exercises and games
  • Stationary
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